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Sitek Engineering lights the way to meet new offshore regulations

New legislation on offshore platforms mean that strict regulation over helideck lighting is being introduced to eliminate risks identified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  Current systems inadequately light the central landing area, leading to a lack of visual cues and creating a “black hole” effect. Furthermore, floodlighting creates dangerous glare for the helicopter pilot.

H + Circles

The so-called Circle & H lighting system will be mandatory by 31st March, 2018. This technology is designed to survive the harshest conditions whilst meeting exacting safety standards. This is a full-LED system that eliminates the health and safety risks in conventional systems.

Many platforms are having to upgrade quickly to meet these regulations, and Norwich-based Sitek Engineering has been working around the clock to help them meet the deadline.

Sitek Engineering have twenty-six confirmed orders for installation of the system which represents a significant investment for the firms involved. With over 300 platforms requiring this upgrade, Sitek Engineering is a specialist installation firm feeling very bullish about their sales pipeline.

Sitek have made a strategic partnership to help grow the company and use skills throughout the supply chain in the region.

This is a real vote of confidence in the specialist skills available in Norfolk, showing that the region is highly co

mpetitive with Aberdeen as a centre of excellence in the energy sector.

Simon Gill, MD of Sitek Engineering is passionate about the product, and the benefits it brings to the region:

Helideck Solutions

“The deadline of 31st March 2018 is looming.  There is much to be done to meet the CAA timeframe and lighting criteria, but with several installations already completed we’ve shown operators we understand the process and challenges in fitting these systems with minimum disruption to on board operations. Each system is fully fitted and commissioned within 7 days, ensuring there is very little downtime.”

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