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Recruit of Technicians Summer 2018

SITEK Engineering are looking to recruit Electrical Technicians with offshore or hazardous area experience.

Building on our previous successful years we are foreseeing a surge in requirements for offshore and onshore Electrical work particularly with Rope Access skills.

Available Now?

If you would like to join us as a COMPEX qualified Electrical Technician with any level of Rope Access certificate, get in touch.  Ready to mobilise for short or long term adhoc opportunities?  Send your CV using “Recruit Now” as the heading to your email to recruitment@sitekengineering.co.uk.  Make it clear to our team that you are immediately available.

Available Soon?

Looking for your next trip?  An Electrical Technician with COMPEX and Rope Access tickets becoming available soon?  You are interested in either short term or long term adhoc positions?  Forward your CV using “Recruit Next” + the date you will be available in the heading of your email to recruitment@sitekengineering.co.uk.   Make it clear when you would be free to mobilise.

Recruit Information

Sending your CV to us means that you agree to your details being held on our files for up to 2 years.

All relevant recruiting information is added to our database.  Our team short lists CVs and selects for telephone interview.  If you pass a telephone interview you will be added to our operations list to be allocated work in addition to our existing team. Prior to your first trip with us you will be invited to come for a trade test and induction.

PPE will be provided (not including boots) in advance of your trip.  Your travel and accommodation costs relating to offshore mobilisation will be covered.

SITEK Engineering will pay regularly upon receipt of a signed time sheet (and company invoice where required).

Recruiting beyond Summer 2018

Not currently available?  You would like to be added to our CV database for potential future work?  Send your CV to us at recruitment@sitekengineering.co.uk to keep in touch.  Use “Future Recruit” as the heading to your email to indicate that this is your situation.

Send your CV

We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Hoping this is the start of an excellent partnership.  Send your CV today to recruitment@sitekengineering.co.uk

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