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SITEK Engineering have been at the forefront of helideck lighting installations in UK waters which comply with the CAP 437 regulations.

The CAP 437 regulations present final specifications and installation arrangements for the Lit Touchdown/Positioning Marking Circle and Lit Heliport Identification ‘H’ Marking.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is committed to the implementation of helideck lighting systems within these regulations. If night operations are to continue all existing and new-build installations operating on the UK Continental Shelf must comply.

The new lighting scheme provides enhanced safety in comparison to traditional floodlighting. The CAA is working with the offshore industry to encourage prompt deployment of the new lighting scheme.

SITEK Engineers

SITEK Engineers have a comprehensive knowledge and experience with all available systems and have worked on installations for both aluminium and steel helidecks.

SITEK Project Management Team

SITEK's Project Management Team are able to produce work packs and arrange supervision of your project.

SITEK Electrical Technicians

SITEK's Electrical Technicians are experienced installers of helideck H and Circle systems.

The systems we work with are fully accepted by the Helideck Certification Agency.

If you are interested in the installation of a helideck lighting system please call us on 01603 866866 or email enquiries@sitekengineering.co.uk.

SITEK Engineering - 'Making a Difference'

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The SITEK Engineering team of E & I Engineers / Technicians deliver a fully comprehensive range of design and installation services for both the onshore & offshore industries, supporting customers operating in extreme and high risk environments.


SITEK Engineering have our own in house design team with many years of project experience. From one off panel redesign to large scale upgrades and modifications, we have the ability and experience to deliver to your requirements.


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SITEK Engineering's team has extensive experience in the supervision & coordination of multidiscipline engineering design, procurement & construction management teams. They work closely with clients to determine appropriate solutions.

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