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Over the next couple of decades we will see a growing number of redundant oil and gas installations taken out of service and decommissioned.

SITEK Engineering has experience in decommissioning the redundant electrical and instrumentation installation, and, with our rope access expertise, can carry out this work to safely within regulations. We can manage this side of the project ourselves, or work within a decommissioning team. We know at the end of life for an installation, budgets can be tight, and we will work with you to keep costs down without compromising safety and quality of work.

SITEK Engineering - 'Making a Difference'

IRATA Member

Leading products and services for the offshore and onshore industries


The SITEK Engineering team of E & I Engineers / Technicians deliver a fully comprehensive range of design and installation services for both the onshore & offshore industries, supporting customers operating in extreme and high risk environments.


SITEK Engineering provide CompEx certified / IECEx certified hazardous area inspection engineers, electricians and technicians who are highly experienced and trained professionals in the field of hazardous area DSEAR / ATEX compliance.


SITEK Engineering are a fully fledged member of Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). Our Rope Access Technicians provide a safe working environment at height which negates the need for scaffolding in hard to reach areas.


SITEK Engineering's team has extensive experience in the supervision & coordination of multidiscipline engineering design, procurement & construction management teams. They work closely with clients to determine appropriate solutions.

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