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SITEK Services

Electrical, Controls and Instrumentation design, management, installation and commissioning.

Sitek provides electrical, instrumentation and control system support in hazardous areas. This includes design, installation, maintenance and commissioning of E, C & I systems. In an environment where the need for reliability, efficiency and safety is paramount, our experience, expertise and commitment are essential qualities.

We have extensive E,C & I experience in all of the business sectors in which we operate, from full Turnkey Projects, Project Management, Upgrades, Decommissioning, plus repairs and maintenance services.

Sitek Engineering is proud of the fact that we have the engineering staff and mobility to conduct projects both onshore and offshore within the UK. We also work internationally should our customers require it.

We provide vetted and qualified staff to conduct and manage on-site installation, testing and commissioning.

Our success comes from providing the highest levels of support to help other companies succeed. We understand the importance of true reliability, flexibility and flawless efficiency to ensure that all tasks are completed on time and to the most exacting standards.

SITEK Engineering are committed to ‘The Process of Excellence’

SITEK Services

» SITEK Engineering's Services

Leading products and services for the offshore and onshore industries

Electrical SERVICES
SITEK Engineering’s team of E & I Engineers / Technicians deliver a fully comprehensive range of design and installation services both onshore & offshore to customers operating in extreme and high risk environments. FIND OUT MORE
H & Circles
SITEK Engineering are the most experienced company in fitting H and C systems including the CHLITE which is the only proven system currently fitted in UK waters that fully complies with the HCA and CAA Cap437 regulations. FIND OUT MORE
Rope Access
SITEK Engineering is a full member of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). We ensure all work carried out by our Rope Access technicians will be completed safely and to the highest professional standard. FIND OUT MORE
Our project management team has extensive experience in the supervision and coordination of multidiscipline engineering design, procurement and construction management teams. They work closely with clients to determine appropriate solutions. FIND OUT MORE
SITEK Engineering has its own in house design team with many years of project experience. From one off panel redesign to large scale upgrades and modifications, we have the ability and experience to deliver to your requirements. FIND OUT MORE
Control & Instruments
In modern plant engineering, the control & instrumentation (C&I) equipment links all systems and components. It supports the control of processes and procedures, the measures to protect the plant and its components. FIND OUT MORE
Hazardous Area
SITEK Engineering provide CompEx certified / IECEx certified hazardous area inspection engineers, electricians and technicians who are highly experienced and trained professionals in the field of hazardous area DSEAR / ATEX compliance. FIND OUT MORE
SITEK Engineering's S-CAPE certified courses are held in our purpose built training centre in Norwich, a short distance from the Norwich Heliport and Norwich Airport and come highly recommended by industry professionals. FIND OUT MORE